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Sep 19, 2014

Dad’s car after this morning’s accident.

Sep 19, 2014

This morning around 7:20-7:30 my father got into a car accident. His van ended up sandwiched between two semis.

He is currently at Grant Medical Center awaiting surgery to correct his fractured spine. He has already received about 32+ stitches, and treatment for other miscellaneous injuries. His spine is the worst of it.

Sep 17, 2014

I have the strange feeling someone went snooping through my room. But can’t remember if I put the stuff there or if it was moved.


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Hobbit Garden

This took a couple months to plan and collect all the materials and plants, and about a week to build and put it all together. 

The hobbit house is handmade, including the door, chimney, windows, and bird nest.  I also made the fence, gate, and a Shire signpost (not pictured).

A question for anyone who makes and sells crafts:

If I made more of these, either just doors and accessories or complete houses, and put them on etsy, would people buy them? If so, what would be a reasonable price to charge?  I’ve never done this before so i’m clueless about how this works.  I’d really appreciate your advice :)

(I’ve also made a harry potter wand and a couple hand-stenciled hogwarts textbooks for a cosplay, if anyone would be interested in those as well?)

Sep 11, 2014

Excuse my squee

YAY! I just got the BEST NEWS!

In January they are switching my job title over to a regional marketing position, changing my office to Upper Arlington, and probably my pay to a higher rate.


Sep 9, 2014

I’m Just Gonna Rant

Ignore me for a moment, I just need to get this out.

There are days where I speak to certain people, and I just end up feeling like a failure. Which fucking SUCKS! Because I’m not a failure. I have a steady job that I enjoy, I like the people I work with (for the most part), own my own car, and can pay my bills with money left for savings and spending. I’m not a failure just because I don’t make a lot of money in relation to others.

I have always told myself that it isn’t about money. Money only takes you so far, especially if you don’t enjoy your life. That material belongings aren’t important. Enjoying experiences, relationships, and not getting caught in the corporate machine….that’s what is important.

But there are a few instances that I just look at the person (this only applies to a handful of people), and wonder why I’m not making that much money despite working 60+ hours per week. It really applies to a few people, and for the most part I don’t care.

But the people it applies too? Continue to land on their feet after massive failures due to their own incompetence, act entitled to the world, and are GIVEN it. That’s what ticks me off. They are GIVEN the WORLD! But it is never enough.

Then you have me, that works 60+ hours per week. Some of that unpaid, because Mom can’t afford to pay me for the 10 hours I work for her. That’s not counting any side contracting I pick up every now and again.

Then I still have to help her out with bills, pay rent to her, manage my father’s bills, and every so often help my brother. I pay certain bills for my mother because she can’t save the money to pay the bi-yearly bills. Yes, multiple. My father owes me nearly double my savings, because of his own failings. The only way I can make sure I get that money back is to manage his bills for him. But then he will go and add people to his Verizon account, or add to his Direct TV account. And I can’t stop him!

So, sometimes I feel like a failure for not making more money.

Sometimes I just want to run away.

I know that there are pitfalls to both options. I could make more money, and I will in the future, but it won’t solve the problem. It’s a personality defect, I suppose. Ambition has never been my downfall, it’s always been my anger and jealousy.

And running away never solves the problem. Just makes it a little easier to ignore. In this case, it is my family. My family is the problem.

That pretty much sums up things, doesn’t it?

My family is the problem.


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Sep 6, 2014

Spaghetti-O’s for dinner!

I have such sophisticated taste buds. Lol.

Sep 4, 2014

well dang it I have like two choices. I let Dad manage his own money and he blows his brains out or I take the money back and manage it myself and just deal with it. Going to have to deal with it tonight. Because he called me crying this morning like an idiot that is at his new job